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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  February 8, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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so much rain -- a flash flo warning is in effect in sona captioning for you in realtime is linda marie macdonald. pounded with winds and rain so much rain a flash flood warning is in effect in sonoma county until 7:45 tonight. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. >> i'm brian hackney. i'm meteorologist paul deanno reporting live with the kpix 5 mobile weather lab in a brisk soggy windy pittsburg. it is pretty messy out here for
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the day. this is what kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar look like last night and early this morning as the first wave of strong rainfall moved through. the north bay took the brunt of the storm but everybody got a very good soaking overnight. rainfall totals coming up in a few minutes. they are adding up some spots 5, 6, 7, 8" of rain in the north bay but what's happening right now, brian hackney has more on that. >> i'll tell you, as this storm packed a punch we are getting a chance to catch our breaths this evening. the kpix 5 high-def doppler radar shows how widely scattered the showers are across the north bay with the atmosphere primed on target for more rain sunday when a cold front finally pushes that moisture that is still offshore through the bay area. we certainly picked up plenty already. chief meteorologist paul deanno's live in pittsburg with how it's looking by highway 4 tonight. hey, paul. >> reporter: yeah, highway 4, brian, is a great dividing line because right north of highway 4 the rainfall totals are all greater than one inch just from
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today. but from highway 4 and points south, i'm talking you in walnut creek, you in the tri- valley, pleasanton, livermore and the south bay, rainfall totals much less. this was a story of the haves and the have nots. and the first graphic that i have to show you really shows you the disparity. kind of disappointing rainfall totals officially in san francisco with only .94" of rainfall, less than an inch of rain but up the road 40 miles and in santa rosa you have eclipsed 5" of rain. so five times more rainfall in santa rosa compared to san jose. so a big disparity there. other totals, petaluma approaching 4" of rainfall from this storm. these are 72-hour rainfall totals, by the way. ukiah more than 3, vacaville 2.5. pittsburg more than an inch with new rain falling
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currently. sunnyvale .67." union city the same. since january of 2013 the past 13.5 months in the north bay down 2.5 feet of rainfall. that's 30." we'll get enough this weekend to flood some spots on average 3 to 8" of rainfall which will eliminate 10 to 25% of our rainfall deficit. that's good but we need more. but we are getting some now. perhaps too much in a few spots. but the rain continues to fall throughout the bay area. more will come through the bay area over the next 24 hours. we'll see more rainfall. that's it from pittsburg right now where it's raining once again. back to you in the studio. mark kelly is in sonoma county where there is a flash flood warning in effect for another hour. hi, mark. >> reporter: we're in petaluma off 101 a light drizzle right now. but for most of the day here in sonoma county, it was raining pretty hard. they had that flood advisory for the county for most of the
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day. then in certain parts here in petaluma, also in rohnert park, that turned into a flash flood warning so all the eyes were on the streets and creams. saturday afternoon petaluma's flooding risk raised from an advisory to a warning for low-lying roads and water. warning means the national weather service says flooding is happening or just about to happen and people must prepare. >> pretty much anything due to rain, tarps, flashlights, batteries. >> reporter: jeff takes us around his store ace hardware in petaluma. >> tarps is the biggest thing. >> reporter: these shelves once stocked with large plastic wrap now just a few left after construction crews took them to keep the water off their hard work. sump pumps at a low when the water starts getting high. once dozens, now a handful left. anything you're out of? >> not quite. but come back in an hour. we'll probably have a few things we're down on. >> reporter: these are the parts of sonoma county the weather service is keeping a
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watchful eye on through the evening. west of laguna, western, rohnert park, the lower portions of mark west and windsor creeks and eastern petaluma. >> here's a drought, baby. >> reporter: petaluma is also where we find little paolo his brand-new boots and his mom all out for a stroll in the rain. are you enjoying the rain? >> yes. can you shake your head yes? you want to go splash in puddles? >> reporter: just 15 months old, this is paolo's first real rainfall ever and mom did not want him to miss it. cute kid there. now, driving along 101 definitely interesting today. we saw everything from good amounts of water on the road making driving a little dicey to even a rockslide. but, of course, the national weather service still saying with all the rain we got today, still not enough to overcome that drought, ann. >> all right. a bit more for you tomorrow.
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thanks, mark, for joining us. appreciate it. >> reporter: you bet. mix rain with dirt and you get mud. that was especially true in sonoma county. heavy rain made a mud slide. crews put up traffic cones and diverted traffic. it appeared one truck was driving in the vicinity when the road gap to crumble. the truck was spotted buried in the mud below. >> down below there was one vehicle that was inundated by the rockslide from fort ross road. the resident had another vehicle that he was able to use to leave the premises. >> one home near the mud slide was evacuated as a precaution. crews say the home is about 100 feet from the slide. we asked don knapp to find out how big a bite 8" of rain can take out of the drought in the north bay. hi, don. >> reporter: brian, it has been a persistent permeating rain getting everything soaking wet.
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but by the way, that's the good part. these dry hills were sucking up the water and now it's running off into the reservoirs and that's good for the water supply. pumps near central san rafael stay ahead of falling rain by lifting drainage water and dumping it into a canal leading to the bay. here in san anselmo residents aren't waiting to be told what to do. they have done it before. make sandbags and stay ready for heavy rain and unpredictable san anselmo creek. >> we are downtown on pine street. we get the flood every time it floods. the creek backs up, we got to figure this out. get it bagged. >> it's not that high yet. >> it's getting there. it's the same as last year when the flood warning went off. >> reporter: the creek runs under san anselmo's main street. in the past, heavy sustained rains, the overflow did damage. >> water comes down around the driveway and so i got to just block a certain spot. >> reporter: while some shovel sand, he rides his bike in the rain. >> my attitude is i'm enjoying the rain.
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i know it's an inconvenience for a lot of people. but we all know we need it. this is how you get it. >> reporter: this is bon tempe dam and lake one of a half dozen or so lakes around mount tam that collect rainwater from marin county's water supply. today it's collecting pretty good about two feet from the spillway. that's alpine lake waiting to catch the overflow from bon tempe spillway. marin county averages 52" of rain a year. coming into the weekend only 5" fell. while most folks are putting up the inconvenience and worrying about the possibility of floods, they are hoping the rain keeps on coming. up to now experts say this rain will probably just put a dent in the drought needs. but i can tell you from being out in the rain all day and seeing so much water coming down, it's going to be a heck of a lot more than a denial. live in larkspur, don knapp, kpix 5.
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you can see where the rain is and what else is headed our way anytime at to view hi-def doppler on your mobile phone. coming up, a major delay for golfers at the pebble beach pro-am and it wasn't the rain. >> also ahead, what is it like in the sierra tonight? we'll go to the mountains for a look at the conditions. ,, could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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pro am at pebble beach...wiy enough to de just take a look: well, it was windy enough to fly an iron kite down at the at&t pro-am at pebble beach. windy enough to delay the tournament. take a look. you would think the flags were in the middle of a hurricane down there. it got so bad that the golf balls had a mind of their own blowing around on the greens. play was stopped because of the wind for about two hours. let's go back to paul deanno in mobile weather to talk about the fresh powder falling in the sierra and paul, skiers and snowboarders just can't wait to get to the slopes. >> reporter: yes, here the snowboarders had no luck for the past couple of months virtually zero natural snowfall in the sierra. but many reservoirs are filled by rain and more more filled by snow fall when it melts in the summertime. updated snowfall totals great news, boreal now reporting 41"
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of snow from this storm. squaw 25." sierra at tahoe now up to 25" and it's still snowing tonight and will continue to snow tomorrow. let's take you up to the sierra. we have our reporter melissa cabral with the conditions what's going on right now. >> lord knows we need this rain. >> reporter: i-80 at kingvale is wet, not white. >> i'm hoping it turns into snow. >> reporter: when you climb another 1,000 feet, thank you very much, first saturday of the year. >> in one word wonderful. >> reporter: it hit the slopes for the first big storm of the season.>> reporter: but when you climb another 1,000 feet -- >> thank you very much, mother nature! whoo! first saturday of the year. >> reporter: in one word wonderful. >> reporter: sugar bowl 30-mile- per-hour wind gusts and white- out conditions for boarders. >> a little windy but it's the price you pay for beautiful snow. >> reporter: in some spots there's so much snow it's almost deceiving. you kind of fall into it! while the powder is still a little wet, the kids don't mind. it makes for better snowballs.
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norway is leading with 4 me
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-- two of them, gold. follod by canada and the netherlan. the u-s has 2 medals. here is the medal count so far. norway two gold, canada and the netherlands. the u.s. has two medals. it was a snowboarder from idaho who claimed the first gold medal of the games. sage kotsenburg won the snowboarding slopestyle event of the bigger the trick the better the score. he locked it up with a stunned he never tried before in competition. >> honestly it feels like a dream right now. winning gold is hugely craziest thing ever. >> slopestyle is one of 12 sports debuting in the sochi games. and it was a night that changed music in america. >> ladies and gentlemen, the beatles! >> tomorrow marks 50 years since 73 million people watched four lads from liverpool make their u.s. debut. the beatles would appear three
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times on the ed sullivan show getting paid a total of $10,000. and the rest as they say is history. tomorrow night we'll present a grammy salute to the beatles, the night that changed america. and you can see it right here on kpix 5 at 8 p.m. and tonight, at 11:00, we walk down beatles memory lane with some hard core fans including kpix 5's own linda yee plus the bay area spot where you can check out photos of the iconic band. we have rain north of sonoma county and marin. south of that not much not yet as we look at the kpix 5 hi-def doppler. moisture in santa rosa and marin. as we draw a bead and head in
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for a close look, widely scattered showers right around the hayward fault just west of san ramon. not much in the south bay. a little left in the santa cruz mountains along skyline. and down toward the shore at pacifica but aside from that, we are looking at numbers on the balmy side this is the source of all of this is not the gulf of alaska. it's southerly origin. it's warmer as a result the numbers with this are mild not freezing cold. on the futurecast, here's what it looks like is going to happen. the rain will sink south tomorrow and watch this wave of rain come in tomorrow afternoon to widely scattered showers and some places with pretty good cells coming in as all of this gets pushed south by a cold front that will unwind rain for everybody. by the time all is said and done we'll look for three to six inches in the north bay one to two in the south bay and more in the santa cruz mountains. flood alerts in sonoma county for localized areas of flooding on small creeks and streams especially in petaluma and in penngrove. that again is posted for about another hour or so but the rain
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is easing up, so will the flooding on those little streams and creeks up there. snow about 6,000 feet. winter weather alerts include winter storm warnings wind gusts up to 75 miles an hour at the ridgetops and by the time all this is said and done two to four feet of fresh powder above 7,000 feet. ben lomond 3.5" of rain. look at the dividing line between the rain down here on the order of under an inch and look what happens in the north bay. totals of close to 5." these are 24-hour totals. 4" of rain in santa rosa. it's all coming from a double- barreled low offshore. one low sweeps through, and this low heads toward the shoreline driving a cold front south through the bay area tomorrow. so we get rain, we get winds and we get rain totals even down in the south and east bay. we didn't get that much. so here's what's happening %h the showers pick up toward midnight tonight first in the north bay. and then tomorrow, the rain and the wind will spread south.
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it will be clearing on monday. but tomorrow does look wet. pebble beach wet, as well. sunday rain. and if it gets extended to monday i'll ask vern whether they tough this out or call it for rain. monday morning rain as well for pebble beach. the next chance of showers moving into the bay area on wednesday. and then we'll dry it out toward the weekend. so that's the weather. in a moment we'll get the word on what's happened down in pebble beach and all the sports with vern glenn in a minute. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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from the beginning of the week, we have had a heavy presence at the annual pebble beach pro-am. today's third round included. rain was back so was the wind. shots getting blown off the green. wind gusts up to 35 miles an hour. play suspended for over 90 minutes. intriguing pairing here. john daly and newcomer kid rock. i guess we'll always remember the pants. his short game, forgettable. missed two short putts, got all night to think about that one. graeme mcdowell benefited when the conditions were calm earlier. par 3 fifth hole in perfectly lands his tee shot about a foot from the pin. phil mickelson played spyglass today. and lefty is back in the hunt. he is the four-time champion of this one. he is at 6-under. jordan spieth came into today tied for the lead but couldn't get anything going at pebble. bogeyed the first and missed an easy birdie on 2. and that opened the door for fedex point leader jimmy walker.
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had some magic today at monterey peninsula, the birdie at 7 and walker is in complete --look at this board. look how much in control he is. he is at 13 under par, six shots clear of the field. phil mickelson is climbing the board. but it looks like it's jimmy walker's tournament to win or lose. let's hear from a man who hasn't swung a club all day, dennis o'donnell. >> reporter: thanks, vern. the biggest newcomer of the year was kid rock. he played alongside john daly and wayne agreescy in the most popular grouping of the tournament. unfortunately, kid rock did not make the cut. >> seems like my band was in an arena somewhere and they were playing, i grabbed someone from the crowd and let them come up and sing one of my songs. that's the feeling i can equate it to. it's special. >> reporter: was there a lot of
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pressure here? >> i think it's more pressure for people like gretzky and, you know, brady and manning because they're pro athletes. i'm only a singer. i'm not supposed to be good at golf. >> people in america love john daly. they love kid rock. fun to watch. so i was like a fan and i had -- listen, i was blessed. i was with three wonderful people. i had the greatest time for three days with just really good guys and we had a lot of fun. >> oh!! whoo! [ applause ] >> i hit a great ball at the tee and hit the five iron in there pretty stiff and just not confident putt for eagle. >> these conditions today, what was it like for you? because it's crazy. >> it was absolutely terrifying. you know, we had the stretch there before they called it where we had, you know, we played four, five, six, seven, eight into the toughest wind i
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have ever played in, in my entire life. >> my last name is o'donnell, too. with a namesake like yours, you had to play well. >> what's your name? >> dennis o'donnell. >> long lost cousins reunited at pebble beach. you played and i didn't. how did you do? >> i survived. we didn't make the cut but we had a great time. it was a long day out there. >> no cut so you didn't do the o'donnell name good today. >> hey, come on! we represented out there. >> right on. >> for those who didn't make the cut, there's always the taproom. as for jimmy walker this is his tournament to lose. we'll see you tomorrow afternoon on the par 5 post- game show. i know you're worried about randy bennett at saint mary's at pepperdine. brendan lane slices through.brandon lane with a shot. they go to overtime. that's where steven capped off a career day, 29 points. so they are clinging to a one- point lead and look at this block coming up here. excuse me! saint mary's hangs on to win by 2, 69- 67.
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thanks vern. going out just a little love to the oakland a's fans, 20,000 showing up for a's fanfest today to cheer on the 2011 and -- i'm sorry, 2012 and 2013 american league west division champions. >> thank you, vern. that's it for us at 6:30. we'll see you at 11:00. >> the latest news and weather are always on our website, see you at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ i've been flowing ♪ i've been flying ♪ i've been laughing ♪ i've been smiling since you wrapped me in this sensation ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ i've been singing ♪ i've been beaming
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♪ i've been living ♪ i've been dreaming since you wrapped me in this sensation ♪ ♪ hey, hey >> hey, everybody. welcome to "california bountiful." i'm your host, tracy sellers. today we're hanging out in beautiful venice beach. could the weather be any better? i don't think it could be. we have a lot of great new stuff on the show today. let's not waste any time and get to our first story. [music] >> around noontime in los angeles, you're bound to hear that famous phrase, "let's do lunch" at least once. at the mendocino farms restaurant in west hollywood, they are doing more than just lunch. they are celebrating the midday meal in a whole new way. >> mendocino farms is your neighborhood sandwich shop. that is our chicken mbt, one of the fresh sandwiches at mendocino farms.


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